- Shake yourself with Shake This Space!
Hello we are visitors from a distant galaxy!
We invite you to collect with us pure energy from crystals - remnants of diamond planet!
If you collect enough energy - we will take you with us, to intergalactic adventures!
Wellcome to our world, dear human!

- Fighting in a beautiful space
- Ranking among the players
- Interesting variety of levels
- 48 different levels

- The game is a fascinating hunting for objects - energy crystals, which takes place in the fictional world.
The gameplay is easy to learn any category of players, including children, and bright graphics promotes easy perception of the whole game.
Skills necessary for success in the game, easily to learn for any adult or a child.
Availability tactics passing game rounds, and a flexible rating system will allow players to gain experience and go through the same game repeatedly tours, to improving their results.

Genre and Target Customer
- Arcade. The game doesn't have illegal content , which makes it accessible to players of any age.
The concept of the game has no sexual orientation, is equally interesting for both men and women. Target Customers- office workers, housewives, students, school children, preschoolers.

- The main action of the player - shoot out from cannon the balls in such a way that each of them hit as many as possible crystals.
To making a shot, the player must click on the gun and, without lifting his finger put it on the place where he wants make his shot, then release your finger.
- Another important parameter - the power of the shot. It is determined by the distance from the gun, at which player pushes a finger.
The closer distance from the gun - the ball flight speed lower. And accordingly, the further - the higher the speed.
To make an effective shot, we must to take in attention these two factors - the right direction of the shot and it's force.
Time limit and a limited number of balls, and also some difficulties which player may face during the passage of rounds, can stimulate his interest in the process.